Bringing awareness

back to the body

Melt helps you to get out of your head

by bringing awareness back to the body. Relearn to listen to the signals your body gives. Discover how to connect mindfully to your senses so you can find your balance.

Melt lets you reconnect your inner and outer world. The Melt model guides you in finding more space and peace in your inner world (body and mind) and teaches you how to translate this to your outer world (workplace and private life). 

This is what we do

Online Programma Embodiment


In 21 dagen van leven in de waan van de dag naar een warme lichte plek in jezelf 

1 februari t/m 21 februari 2021

9 x videolessen 

9 x inspiratie video 

3 x live sessie via zoom

Een mix van yin yoga, meditatie, ademen, wandelen, pilates en yoga nidra

Van een onrustige buitenwereld ga je de beweging naar binnen maken. En van veel in je hoofd zitten, ga je contact maken met je lichaam. Je gaat een liefdevolle innerlijke reis door je lichaam maken. Vanuit een ontspannen staat, neem je jouw lichaam als ingang om dichterbij jezelf te komen. 


1:1 Coaching

Do you often feel: 

  • tension in the body and racing thoughts
  • fatigue
  • low on self-esteem
  • everyone else’s needs are more important than your own
  • your sensitivity is a burden to yourself and others

Melt offers a 1-on-1 program that helps you get back in tune with your body and needs. Calming the mind, working with the body and allowing space for it to tell you what it needs, will bring you back in touch with who you really are. Hence you can feel more relaxed, resilient and present in your daily life.


Want to boost your selfcare by: 

  • (finally) having some quality time with yourself, away from your day-to-day life
  • relaxing and restoring
  • working out and yoga
  • eating healthy food
  • having fun


Melt organises retreats in beautiful places: sometimes stepping out of your daily environment is the best way to rejuvenate. Feel yourself to see where and if you want to make changes in your life. In the retreats we work with mindful yoga, breathwork, meditation, energy work, your senses and coaching.

About Melt

Body awareness

Melt helps people be(come) mindful and conscious of the body and mind. They are inextricably linked, after all. Founder Melanie believes that bringing you back in tune with your body is the first step to living a true-to-self-life. 

It’s Melt’s mission to increase body awareness and mental health within companies and people’s day-to-day life. Knowing both worlds well, Melanie wants to help bring these together: the aim is to find your balance and to connect to yourself in both your professional and private life. 

Melt has created a model that reconnects body, mind and soul.