reconnect from within

From human-doing to human-being

When was the last time you felt relaxed, calm and present in your body? Maybe it’s even been a while since you felt like yourself. It’s no wonder that with the demands of today’s busy lives, where work and private life are no longer separate and most people can only keep up with all their responsibilities by functioning on autopilot, we often feel more like human-doings than human-beings. We’ve lost touch with our bodies and can no longer hear what it – and therefore we – need.

Vision & Mission

From doing to Being

It is Melt’s mission and vision that body awareness will one day be part of our normal routines. Support people to find their balance and move from “doing” to “being”: away from surviving on autopilot and back into living a fulfilling life.

Mind and body, but also the person and their surroundings, are inextricably intertwined. This is why Melt brings mindful bodywork to the workplace, in addition to helping people regain control of their personal lives outside of the workplace.

Bringing awareness to the body and senses in the workplace will lead to healthier employees and more conscious employers. While creating time and space to heal oneself in one’s personal life, Melt will reconnect people from within. This helps gain a sense of control over their lives and their overall feeling of wellbeing. 


The Melt model

Melt works with a holistic model and combines different types of principles for the optimal result. Mindful yoga is the foundation complemented with breathwork, meditation, energy work, sensing and coaching.

 By creating space and releasing tension in the body, you can calm down the nervous system and heal symptoms of fatigue, burnout and trauma.

 In working with Melt, you literally “come to your senses”: getting back in touch with how you feel and who you are.

About Melanie

I am Melt’s founder, Melanie van der Laan. I was always very ambitious and got caught up in the rat race at an early age. I worked hard, juggling a lot of balls, traveling for work, trying to do everything perfectly and wanting to be there for my loved ones. It felt like I was always “on”. In the corporate world, this got me very far, which looked great from the outside. However, I was not aware of how stressed and over-fatigued I was. I was living in my head and had no connection whatsoever with my body – let alone my heart. It wasn’t until physical and emotional events happened in my personal life that made me open my eyes and decide to step out of the corporate world. 

This is when my journey inward started. I went on a quest to find my authentic self and had to find a way to lessen the tension in my body. On this journey I had to learn to relax, to hear and see myself and most of all: to feel my feelings. It was a very transformative time in which I tried everything from yoga to breathwork and from energy work to coaching. I joined retreats, went to ashrams, did family constellations, practiced meditation and mindfulness and a lot of bodywork in both Europe and Asia. 

I learned that there was no one-size-fits-all-solution in my search to connect to myself. 

"There are no shortcuts on the way back to yourself."

A true-to-self-life

A spiritual teacher in India told me: “there are no shortcuts on the way back to yourself.” This is true: I had to try all kinds of practices to find out what worked for me – and what didn’t. All this work made me richer than I could not even imagine before my journey started. Eventually it dissolved my stress, which in turn made me melt back into my body (heart), feel my intuition and reconnect with myself.

Fascinated by how being in touch with my body led to a more peaceful and “in the flow” life, I started educating myself in yoga, energy work, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness. I deepened my knowlegde with Western, Indian and Chinese healing principles. From all of this, plus a whole lot of intuition, I created a model that I now share with others to live a true-to-self-life.