Mini Escape

Restore, Reflect & Rebalance

May 1st 2021
14.15-17.00 h

Studio Bondi, Den Haag

What an intense year it was for all of us.

Would you therefore like to have a moment for yourself to rest and recharge?

To consciously reflect and look back at the past year?

And to experience how you can stay in your own energy?

Please feel welcome to join the mini escape to connect to yourself to restore, reflect and rebalance. You will go out of your head, relax and connect to your body, reflect at the past year and feel the light inside of you.


The mini escape

During this 2.5 hour mini-escape you will take a break from all that is going on to meet yourself in softness and with gentleness. The restorative yoga allows you to let go of muscular effort and tension in the body. Especially, to release the things that you like to leave behind. You will be taken on a journey to come into a calm and still stage in the body and mind.In this stage you will learn how to clean your energy and stay in your own energy.

The location

The mini escape takes place atย Studio Bondiย in Den Haag. The beautiful boutique studio will help you to indulge yourself with stillness, relaxation and calmness.


What to expect during this mini escape?

Restorative yoga

Deep meditation

Flow writing

Connect to your own energy

After this mini escape

You are grounded and present in your body

You feel deeply relaxed

You feel balanced with new energy

You have let go of the old

You boosted your immune system

You know how to stay in your own energy

Kind Words

Where and when

Mini Escape
Restore, Reflect & Rebalance

May 1 st 2021
14.15-17.00 h

Valeriusstraat 40, Den Haag


Ticket: โ‚ฌ40

Including tea & healthy snack

Tickets via the below link

Other information


Please note that during the mini escape the guidelines of the RIVM are followed. It is a well-ventilated space and there is plenty of room to ensure the 1.5 meter distance.

You are kindly being requested to bring your own yoga mat. In case you donโ€™t have one, please let Melanie or Studio Bondi know.

Everyone who attends the event should be healthy and symptoms free.

The yoga is accessible for all levels.

An impression of other One Day retreats and Mini Escapes



Melanie is a certified yoga teacher (and breathwork coach in training). Throughout the years she deepened herself in Western and Eastern philosophy in the area of yoga, breathwork, reiki and energywork. Based on her own experience, Melanie believes that relaxation and being aware of the body is the path towards healing and to live in deep connection to one's authentic self.

Her teaching style is a combination of gentle yin, tai chi, restorative and yoga nidra complemented with breathwork, sensing and energywork. During her teachings she loves to guide people in softness on a journey through their body.